For those of you who have never heard of ultimate frisbee, it is one of the most entertaining fusion sports available, and also one of the cheapest. Funny how often times the simplest games are the most fun to play.

Ultimate frisbee is played with a [frisbee] disc. The object is to score a “touchdown” by passing the disc to a teammate in the endzone. Whoever has the disc can’t move until he/she throws it. Easy enough, huh?
The key is mastering each of the different throws, so that the frisbee will go to a teammate instead of the person defending them on the other team. There are basically three different throws: overhand, underhand, and overhead, each of which is useful in it’s own way, depending on the situation. Someone who is really good, can throw the disc the length of the field and have it curve away from the defender into the hands of his/her teammate.
I’ve been playing every Saturday for something like 6 or 7 months [yes, through the Chicago winter…we lovingly call it “snowtimate”]. It is incredibly good exercise, has allowed me to meet several people (including single women) my age, and never fails to generate several ESPN top ten plays of the week-worthy throws and catches.
Today, the weather was gorgeous and as you would expect, we had a great turnout. One of the girls, Stephanie, has a way of sneaking into the endzone unguarded and scoring a ton of points. Today was no different. No matter how many times she scored, we could never seem to get a defender on her when it mattered. I defended another female, Lauren, who is a P.E. teacher and soccer coach. She also enjoys biking and doing triathalons. Needless to say, she was difficult to cover. By the end of the game, I was covering another guy, Steve, about my height. The disc was thrown to the back corner of the endzone. I timed my jump and deflected the disc, but somehow, Steve was able to grab it off my deflection.
One of the guys brought his dog, who spent most of the game whining from the end of her leash, longing to be a part of the game. She escaped several times, and we would have to stop the game while he retrieved her and put her leash back on. She was, however, quite well-behaved in general, and very friendly.
Keane, another ultimate frisbee regular, brought his small neice and nephew to watch the game. Both were incredibly cute, waddling around the park where we play with sippy cups full of milk. They both loved the dog, and she appreciated the attention.
It’s times like these that really make me appreciate my current station in life. Sometimes I feel like things aren’t happening fast enough, but I know I don’t really want things to speed up. Life comes at us fast enough as it is. I’m pretty sure being content with where we are would solve a great many problems.

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