The ’20 Obsolete Words that Should Make a Comeback’ Dare

When I sent this link ( to a coworker he challenged me to use all 20 words in a sentence. This is what I came up with:

“During his Friday twitter-light brannigan, the ludibrious jollux, a little bibesy after deliciating over his drink about as much as sanguinolent man at war, spotted an illecebrous woman at an adjoining table and tried to corrade his thoughts from his widdendream, but they came out a bit jargogled and perissologious, so he began a quagswagging freck instead; causing even the most malagrugrous brabblers at the surrounding tables to kench and exclaim, “Take a look at that yemeles hoddypeak over there!” and inciting a journalist from the local newspaper to much scriptitation.”

For fun, see if you can come up with another sentence using these 20 awesome words.


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